jizo flier Full circle projectOur culture has very few ways to honor and support us in our relationship to death and dying. We need a cultural change in this regard, a new perspective, accurate information, and the support of one another to create this change.

We need ways to join together and remember those who are gone. We need ways to complete and integrate the unfinished aspects of those relationships.

We need permission to rejoice and grieve the connections that continue within us after loved ones die, to feel at home with the feelings that remain.

We need ways to face our own time of dying. We need to talk about death prior to a crisis, when there is time for options to be considered, choices made, and preferences communicated. We need to prepare for death so that those left behind are not consumed by our unfinished business, worldly or otherwise.

We need to reclaim death and dying as part of our lives.

The Full Circle project offers workshops and gatherings where we can:wheel of life Full circle project

  • Empower ourselves and our communities to deal with death directly and openly
  • Learn how to communicate with family, friends, and health professionals regarding choices and plans around dying and death
  • Explore medical choices, funeral options, and other end-of-life decisions, including how to navigate through the current laws and medical practices
  • Face, feel, and express the emotions that arise as we meet our past and current experiences of loss and grief
  • Consider cross-cultural approaches to grief, dying, and death and the inspiration that can be found in these traditions
  • Support each other during those times when we are engaged with death and dying directly

With your support and participation, we hope to bring to life a wide-ranging and deeply needed dialog about death.

November 3-6, we continue this project with No One is Getting Out of Here Alive: Choices in Living and Dying. This program will offer concrete information on approaching death from practical, emotional and spiritual perspectives, including what is likely to happen if we face a medical crisis unprepared and supporting participants in completing or renewing an advanced directive.

In the Full Circle project:

  • We explore how we can take responsibility and make choices now to create a better outcome later
  • Opportunities for sharing what arises will be included as we explore these issues experientially and through discussion
  • Awareness-based practices will be the foundation by which we explore the questions and feelings around the issues and reality of living with dying

Full details on this program can be seen here.