introGestalt Awareness Practice is a form – nonanalytic, noncoercive, nonjudgmental – derived from the work of Fritz Perls, influenced by Buddhist practice, and evolved by Richard and Christine Price. This work integrates ways of personal clearing and development that are both ancient and modern. Since awareness is primary in Gestalt Awareness Practice, this work has a strong relationship to some forms of meditation. This approach is similar to some Reichian work as well in that it is somatically based with energetic release and emotional expression is allowed and encouraged.

The emphasis is intrapersonal rather than interpersonal. It is explicitly understood that participants are not patients but persons, actively consenting to explore in awareness. The leader functions to reflect, clarify, and respect whatever emerges in this process. The aim is unfoldment, wholeness, and growth, rather than adjustment, cure, or accomplishment.

Introductory workshops are both didactic and experiential and open to anyone willing to practice and play in awareness. Individually, with partners, and in the larger group, through exercises, meditations, and discussion, participants can explore ways of bringing awareness to whatever is arising, in the moment and in their lives. Individual work reflected by the leader (“open seat”) is not the focus of this workshop.

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