VoiceAmerica Talk Radio interviews with Chris Price and Diane Pendola:

The Journey Inward explores the practice, presence, and awareness in Gestalt Awareness Practice. (July 1, 2009)

“Today we address the profound importance of breath and present-centered awareness in our journey inward toward liberation. Gestalt Awareness Practice (GAP) is a Practice of Presence and being with ‘what is’ in a spirit of kindness…We contact our experience, whatever it is, with a sense of affection, kindness, and self-care. Join Chris and Diane as GAP principles illuminate the journey of Lioness as well as our own.”

The Spiritual Power of Imagination addresses the GAP approach to dream and images. (August 5, 2009)

“We can enter the symbols of our night-time dreams and the images of our day-time fantasies through the basics of Gestalt Awareness Practice by making contact with those images through breath, openness and curiosity and meeting them as aspects of ourselves.”

The Lioness TaleDiane Pendola is a long time friend, student, and colleague of Christine Price. Author of The Lioness Tale and co-founder of Skyline Harvest Eco-Contemplative Center, she created the Lioness Tale Prison Project (LiTuPP), a visionary program for women who are doing life-sentences in a maximum security prison.

The program is based on a communal reading of The Lioness Tale and integrates Gestalt Awareness Practice as a foundational practice. Phase two of the program prepares women to teach the program themselves to their fellow inmates. Chris is honored to be a supporter and guest teacher in this program.

Visit Diane’s website, The Lioness Tale, to learn more about her center and the LiTuPP program and to hear interviews with Chris Price.