Valencia Creek Richard Strassel

Aptos office redwoods at Valencia Creek – Photo thanks to Richard Strassel

Christine Price in collaboration with Dorothy Charles and Steve Waldrip, has established an educational and congregational organization in Aptos, CA. With the generous support of Paul Matthews and Maria Cardamone Matthews, and the encouragement of Gail Stewart, Steve Harper, Andrea Juhan, and other colleagues, we are bringing the Tribal Ground vision and the evolving lineage of Richard Price to its next stage of life. Through this support, and the ongoing dedication of our students and colleagues, we hope to firmly establish and disseminate this work. We are excited and deeply grateful.

Tribal Ground Circle is a community of people exploring the challenge, potential and wonder of having a human life and integrating that exploration into daily practice. It is a gathering of teachers and students dedicated to recognizing the sacredness in both life and death.

Tribal Ground Circle is the continuation of Gestalt Awareness Practice, Relational Gestalt Practice and other work evolving from the lineage of Richard Price, gestalt teacher and co-founder of Esalen Institute. 

It is a place to share traditions that support what Richard called the Three Jewels of Gestalt Practice:

Awareness             Choice              Trust

We have programs scheduled in our Aptos office through 2017. From congregational afternoons to long-term groups, we offer a variety of opportunities for the study and development of gestalt practice. So many of us benefited from the teaching of Richard Price. What we learned from him continues to serve us and evolve through us. It is our privilege and deep desire to nurture the exploration he began.

Steve Harper, Dorothy Charles, Christine Price, Steve Waldrip – Tribal Ground Circle Open House. Roses compliments of John Callahan.

Dorothy Charles, Steve Harper, Christine Price, Steve Waldrip – Tribal Ground Circle Open House. Roses compliments of John Callahan.

Your participation is key to the success of this new venture. We hope that you will take your place in this circle as we continue to transplant our practice to new ground.

Our office is located in
Aptos, CA

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