Tribal Ground is an organization dedicated to the recognition and celebration of the sacredness of life and death. It is a gathering of people exploring the challenge, potential, and wonder of having a human life and who want to integrate that inquiry in daily practice. It is the congregation of people who study Gestalt Awareness Practice. Tribal Ground now joins Tribal Ground Circle, a consortium of teachers offering programs where these efforts can take root and grow. (Read more). Here, we can gather to study GAP, practice awareness, and honor life and death through ceremony. Hopefully, the establishment of a community burial ground will someday complete this dream.

Gestalt Awareness Practice is a form – nonanalytic, noncoercive, nonjudgmental – derived from the work of Fritz Perls, influenced by Buddhist practice and evolved by Richard and Christine Price. This work integrates ways of personal clearing and development that are both ancient and modern. Developing a greater quality of awareness is the primary focus. In this respect, Gestalt Awareness Practice has a strong relationship to some forms of meditation. This approach is similar to some Reichian work as well, in that emotional and energetic expression and rebalancing are allowed and encouraged.

The emphasis is intrapersonal rather than interpersonal. It is explicitly understood that participants are not patients but persons actively consenting to explore in awareness. The aim is unfoldment, wholeness, and growth, rather than adjustment, cure, or accomplishment.

To learn more about our new project, please visit Tribal Ground Circle. Go to our Workshops page to see upcoming programs.